Finding Sustainable Solutions

By helping to create an informed citizenry, The New Jersey Flood Institute is helping communities in their efforts to mitigate the risks associated with flooding and extreme weather.

About Us

The New Jersey Flood Institute is the research and outreach arm of the New Jersey Coastal Coalition.

Our Priorities

New Jersey Flood Institute hopes to develop solutions that will build more resilient communities in New Jersey


Don’t be caught unaware, everyone lives in a flood zone

Storms can bring flooding and power outages that will leave you stranded in your home. These outages aren’t easy to anticipate, so it pays to have the essentials on hand.


Building a more resilient New Jersey will mean adapting to the realities of flooding.

Here we provide a variety of links to maps, tools, reports and web sites that will allow you to prepare for the flooding that is projected to impact New Jersey’s coastlines in the future.


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